Self-Care During Marital Separation

This year may have been daunting considering the circumstances we have all been through in 2020; we’ve been cooped up inside and socially distancing for almost the entire year. However, some of you have had other issues preoccupying your mind and have been going through the process of breaking things off in your relationship with your significant other. Whether the separation is due to realizations you only made this year during quarantine or this was a long time coming, you can separate peacefully and healthily by taking into consideration the following tips:

Prioritize your happiness. Take a second to remember what made you happy prior to this relationship. Is there anything you didn’t do because your partner would not have wanted you to? Any items on the bucket list (subject to COVID restrictions) you can do? Anything from drinking hot cocoa to having a long weekend trip with some close friends can help us prioritize self-care. You can also contemplate attending therapy or finding a new hobby. Self-care does not have to be a grand and elaborate plan. You can keep it simple and remember that you must take care of you and your mental health during this difficult time.

Keep a routine. Try to create a new schedule for yourself and stick to it. If you have children, factor in what they might be doing and plan around their time. It can be difficult to navigate the season without your partner, but remember that consistency can help alleviate other stressors. If you typically spend the holidays with your children but this year you do not have them, create new holiday traditions to make the day more enjoyable. Consider spending the day with friends and other family. If you don’t have your children, plan out your day and maybe do something you typically could not do with children. Try to reach out to your support system when you feel down, but also fall in love with spending time with yourself.

Consider peaceful processes. Think about beginning or continuing in therapy for communication or co-parenting counseling to persevere through this difficult time. It is hard to keep your thoughts and feelings organized and to eloquently communicate your position. These professionals know how to guide you through this process. Keep in mind that the common goal is to separate civilly and peacefully. Prioritizing your inner peace and mental health will help immensely, and using neutral methods of moving forward with the separation will help you achieve this goal.

If you keep the above tips in mind, separating from your significant other will be less stressful or challenging. You may actually feel more peace and happiness than you have felt in years if you remember to prioritize you and your family’s mental health.