Nurturing Growth,
Navigating Challenges 

At Wildflower, we provide a comprehensive range of therapeutic services designed to assist individuals, couples, and families in achieving their goals. In today’s fast-paced world, characterized by relentless multitasking and towering expectations, we stand as a beacon of calm, acceptance, and clarity. Our dedicated team assists you in navigating life’s complexities, urging you to pause, reflect, and chart a path that’s genuinely yours. From one-on-one counseling to couples therapy, our sessions are designed to offer support, understanding, and strategies to foster meaningful change.

Our Mental Health Services

At Wildflower, we navigate life’s unexpected twists with you – whether you’re navigating personal challenges, seeking clarity, or aiming to build deeper connections with others. Embrace our expert-guided mental health services in Chicago, Oak Park, and Boulder to discover your path to inner peace and empowerment.

Teletherapy > 

Therapists at Wildflower offer individuals, couples, and families the convenient option to engage in psychotherapy via a secure, HIPAA-compliant video platform.

Adult Individual Psychotherapy > 

Wildflower will collaborate with you to create an individualized plan to help you build resilience, harness your potential, and thrive. We strive to establish a strong therapeutic alliance built on trust, understanding, and compassion. 

Adolescent Psychotherapy > 

The teenage years bring a unique set of challenges and milestones. We’re dedicated to guiding adolescents through these pivotal moments, providing a safe space for self-expression, self-discovery, and growth. 

Couples Therapy  > 

Our couples therapists at Wildflower are here to support you and your partner(s) through various relational challenges. We’ll help you resolve conflict and reignite the physical and emotional connection.

Family Therapy > 

We recognize that family dynamics play a pivotal role in individual well-being. Our therapists facilitate open communication between family members, aiming to strengthen bonds, resolve conflicts, and encourage harmony. 

Support Groups and Workshops  > 

Wildflower’s support groups and workshops offer a platform for individuals to come together, share stories, seek advice, and gain insight. Guided by experienced therapists, these sessions aim to build communal strength and shared understanding.

Feeling Overwhelmed? We’ll Help You Find Your Calm. 

Everyone struggles with their mental health from time to time, and there are some challenges no one should face alone. Therapy can help you navigate these challenges with emotional clarity, resilience, and strength. 

Core Tenets of Wildflower’s
Clinical Philosophy

Deeply Relational &
Personalized Therapy 

We recognize that you are the expert on your life. Therapy at Wildflower is a collaborative journey. Our caring, affirming therapists tailor sessions to your unique needs and experiences, emphasizing the therapeutic relationship as a catalyst for growth.

Commitment to
Excellence & Learning

Every client deserves the best of our clinical skills and knowledge. Our team is a community of professionals who not only uphold shared values and clinical excellence but also engage in regular training and consultation to stay at the forefront of therapeutic practices.

Stigma-Free View on
Mental Health 

Mental health is a vital component of overall well-being, deserving of attention without any stigma or judgment. Everyone faces challenges, and seeking help is a sign of resilience and strength. Every person’s mental health journey is valid, and we aim to support that with the utmost respect.

Advocates of Social
Justice & Inclusivity 

We recognize that no one exists in a vacuum. Complex systems of oppression and privilege shape individuals’ lives. We believe that as mental health professionals, we have an obligation to promote social justice and contribute to a world that celebrates every person’s inherent worth. 

Our Clients’ Growth Stories

Blooming Insights:
The Latest from the Wildflower Blog 

We believe that knowledge and learning are key aspects of helping you to grow and thrive on your mental health journey. Stay updated with our latest articles on emotional well-being, perinatal mental health, sexuality, and more on our blog. 

Blossom Into Your Best Self with Wildflower

Work with Wildflower to cultivate emotional strength and clarity. With expert support and a deeply personal touch, let’s nurture your growth and well-being. Ready to bloom? We’re here to guide you.