Adolescent Psychotherapy

As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your teen, and therapy can be a valuable source of support. At Wildflower, we offer adolescent psychotherapy in Chicago, Oak Park, and Boulder, emphasizing an affirming and compassionate approach tailored to support their unique journey.

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Every adolescent deserves an affirming, safe space where they can share their thoughts, learn to better understand their emotions, and pave the way for a healthy future. Schedule a consultation to learn how we can partner with you on this journey. 

Crafting a Blueprint for
Teen Health and Wellness

During adolescence, rapid physical, emotional, and social transformations can often lead to heightened vulnerability, making teens susceptible to emotional dysregulation and mental health challenges. These changes, combined with societal pressures and evolving personal identities, can sometimes be overwhelming. 

Our specialized adolescent psychotherapy aims to guide teens through this tumultuous phase, helping them create their own blueprint for health and wellness. By offering a tailored approach and a safe environment, we empower adolescents to understand their emotions, navigate challenges, and build resilience. Our commitment is to provide the support and tools necessary for teens to flourish during these pivotal years.

Teen Therapy: Navigating Identity, Growth, and Change 

Our approach empowers teens to understand and manage their emotions, fostering resilience and self-awareness. With specialized guidance, they can build confidence and navigate life’s challenges effectively.

Adolescent Self-Discovery 

Uncover the unique strengths, values, and aspirations of your teenager. Our approach helps adolescents understand themselves deeply and navigate their path with clarity.

Building Emotional Resilience 

Equip teens with tools to face life’s challenges head-on. Through personalized strategies, they’ll learn to cope, adapt, and thrive even in adversity.

Strengthening Family Connections 

Promote harmonious relationships at home. We offer insights and interventions to foster understanding and enhance familial bonds.

Navigating Peer Relationships 

Guide teens in building and maintaining healthy friendships. We address social challenges, conflicts, and help develop interpersonal skills.

Dealing with Academic Pressures 

Help adolescents manage the stresses of school life. Our strategies focus on time management, coping with expectations, and fostering a love for learning. 

Body Image & Eating Disorder Support

Address concerns related to self-perception, body image, and disordered eating, offering support and tools to cultivate a healthy relationship with oneself.

Flourish With Wildflower:
Discover. Heal. Grow. 

Dive into a transformative therapy experience with Wildflower. Uncover hidden strengths, embrace emotional growth and journey toward a renewed sense of self. 

Core Tenets of Wildflower’s
Clinical Philosophy

Deeply Relational &
Personalized Therapy 

We recognize that you are the expert on your life. Therapy at Wildflower is a collaborative journey. Our caring, affirming therapists tailor sessions to your unique needs and experiences, emphasizing the therapeutic relationship as a catalyst for growth.

Commitment to
Excellence & Learning

Every client deserves the best of our clinical skills and knowledge. Our team is a community of professionals who not only uphold shared values and clinical excellence but also engage in regular training and consultation to stay at the forefront of therapeutic practices.

Stigma-Free View on
Mental Health 

Mental health is a vital component of overall well-being, deserving of attention without any stigma or judgment. Everyone faces challenges, and seeking help is a sign of resilience and strength. Every person’s mental health journey is valid, and we aim to support that with the utmost respect.

Advocates of Social
Justice & Inclusivity 

We recognize that no one exists in a vacuum. Complex systems of oppression and privilege shape individuals’ lives. We believe that as mental health professionals, we have an obligation to promote social justice and contribute to a world that celebrates every person’s inherent worth. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Adolescence is a time of significant change and growth, both physically and emotionally. As teens navigate the complexities of establishing their identity, building relationships, and coping with academic and social pressures, they can sometimes face challenges that are difficult to manage on their own. Psychotherapy offers a safe and supportive environment for adolescents to explore their feelings, understand their behaviors, and develop coping strategies. With the guidance of a therapist, teens can gain insights into their emotions, build resilience, and learn essential life skills that will benefit them in adulthood.

Adolescent psychotherapy is tailored to the unique developmental stage and challenges faced by teens. While both forms of therapy aim to provide support and coping mechanisms, therapists working with adolescents often use techniques that are more interactive and engaging. These methods might include art therapy, role-playing, or group sessions with peers. The goal is to create a setting where teens feel comfortable expressing themselves, exploring their identity, and developing a sense of autonomy and competence.

Yes, it’s not uncommon for adolescents to be hesitant or resistant to therapy at first. The idea of discussing personal feelings and challenges with a stranger can be daunting. However, therapists trained in working with teens are skilled in building rapport and creating a non-judgmental space. Over time, many teens come to appreciate the support and guidance therapy offers, finding it a valuable resource as they navigate the challenges of adolescence.

Parents and guardians play a crucial role in an adolescent’s therapy experience. Firstly, open communication is vital. Discuss with your teen the reasons for seeking therapy and its potential benefits. Respect their feelings and concerns, providing reassurance when needed. Additionally, maintain regular communication with the therapist to stay informed about progress and any recommended interventions or strategies. Lastly, create a supportive home environment where your teen feels safe expressing their feelings and concerns.

While adolescence is inherently a time of flux and change, certain signs might indicate a deeper struggle. These signs include a sudden drop in academic performance, withdrawal from social activities, changes in appetite or sleep patterns, frequent mood swings, self-harming behaviors, or talk of suicide. If you notice these or other concerning behaviors, it’s essential to consult with a mental health professional to determine the best course of action.

The duration of therapy varies depending on the individual needs of the teen. Some adolescents benefit from short-term interventions that address specific issues, while others benefit from longer-term therapy that provides ongoing support. The therapist will work closely with the teen and their family to determine the best approach, continually assessing progress and adjusting the treatment plan as needed. It’s essential to prioritize the teen’s well-being and ensure they receive the support they need for as long as necessary.

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