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Where Resilience Blooms

Create balance, embrace change, and thrive with Wildflower. As your companions on the path to emotional well-being, we offer effective, evidence-informed perinatal emotional health and mental wellness services that honor your unique journey. We are available for in-person and virtual therapy in River North-Chicago, Oak Park, and Boulder.

Find Healing, Celebrate Individuality 

At Wildflower, we see and value the uniqueness of your story. Our therapy is deeply relational, grounded in the belief that every individual deserves respect, understanding, and a safe space to attune to the complexities of their mental health. We stand by you, acknowledging the broader social systems at play and advocating for a world where every individual’s worth and dignity is affirmed and celebrated. Let’s walk this path to resilience and emotional health together. 

Our Mental Health Services

Pathways to Emotional Balance & Well-being

At Wildflower, we navigate life’s unexpected twists with you – whether you’re facing personal challenges, seeking clarity, or aiming to build deeper connections with others. Embrace our expert-guided mental health services in Chicago, Oak Park, and Boulder, to discover your path to personal growth and inner peace.

Teletherapy > 

Connect with skilled Wildflower therapists from the comfort of your home via a secure, HIPAA-compliant video platform. Embrace healing, wherever you are.

Adult Individual Psychotherapy > 

Unearth your potential and nurture your emotional health with individualized psychotherapy sessions that acknowledge your unique needs and experiences. 

Adolescent Psychotherapy > 

The adolescent years are often marked by identity struggles, self-worth challenges, relationship stress, and anxiety. We’re here to walk alongside your teen.

Couples Therapy  > 

Our couples therapists at Wildflower are here to support you and your partner(s) through various relational challenges. We’ll help you resolve conflict and reignite the physical and emotional connection.

Family Therapy > 

Empower your family and navigate challenges with an expert therapist. Whether it’s enhancing communication or navigating conflict, we’re here to help you thrive together. 

Support Groups and Workshops  > 

Group-based support is a powerful way to address challenges, practice vulnerability, and build connections as you work toward your goals. Learn about our upcoming group offerings. 

Feeling Overwhelmed?
We’ll Help You Find Your Calm. 

Everyone struggles with their mental health from time to time, and there are some challenges no one should face alone. Therapy can help you navigate these challenges with emotional clarity, resilience, and strength. 

The Wildflower Way: Our Commitment to You

Deeply Personal Approach to Therapy

At Wildflower, we prioritize the bond between therapist and client, ensuring a connection that fosters genuine understanding and change. Our therapy sessions are meticulously tailored to address your specific experiences and needs. 

Mental Health & Social Justice Advocates 

We recognize that mental health and culture are intricately linked. We actively work to create a world that recognizes and celebrates the worth and dignity of every individual. We are trauma-informed, committed to antiracism and social justice advocacy, sex-positive, kink, and BDSM-friendly, and welcoming to all who identify under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella. 

Extensive Resources, Support, & Expertise

You deserve the best, and at Wildflower, our team of professionals embodies clinical excellence and shared values. We offer a wealth of resources, from educational materials to lectures and trainings, designed to support our clients and our professional community.

Thrive with Wildflower:
Discover. Heal. Grow. 

Dive into a transformative therapy experience with Wildflower. Uncover hidden strengths, embrace emotional growth, and gain new perspectives.

Discover the Heart of Wildflower 

Delve into our story, from our passionate founders to our mission of cultivating emotional well-being. At Wildflower, every detail reflects our commitment to respect, compassion, and growth. Explore the vision that drives our dedicated team. 

Our Clients’ Growth Stories

Blooming Insights:
The Latest from the Wildflower Blog 

We believe that knowledge and learning are key aspects of helping you to grow and thrive on your mental health journey. Stay updated with our latest articles on emotional well-being, perinatal mental health, sexuality, and more on our blog. 

Blossom Into Your Best Self with Wildflower

Work with Wildflower to cultivate emotional strength and clarity. With expert support and a deeply personal touch, let’s nurture your growth and well-being. Ready to bloom? We’re here to guide you.