Megan Wales

Megan Wales



As a psychotherapist, I support individuals and families to accomplish meaningful goals and positive change.  As a presenter and educator, I focus on the unique challenges faced by women and couples struggling with infertility, miscarriage, and complicated pregnancies.

I provide therapy to clients going through different life transitions.  We work through the various meanings of change, arrive at greater clarity, and take steps towards increasing a sense of happiness and peace.  I have found that focusing on clarifying values can helps people increase confidence in their decisions. I provide a space where people feel heard and understood as they consider new viewpoints and perspectives.  I help my clients reconnect with their strengths and build on the resiliency that is already present. I believe that we all experience struggle and have vulnerabilities we need to deal with. Every individual is unique, and psychotherapy is a collaborative effort to discover what insights, tools, and coping skills will work for you.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Miami University and obtaining my Master’s degree at Indiana University in Counseling and Counselor Education.  I continually seek out opportunities to learn. Most recently, I have been focusing on chronic depression, eating disorders, and further solidifying my knowledge of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Selected Training & Affiliation

  • Member of of Postpartum Support International
  • Becoming Us training
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy training
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy training
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy training
  • Exposure and Response Prevention training

Key Beliefs

  • I believe that people need to be validated and understood while they also need to be challenged. I strive to find the balance in these two areas in the therapy room.
  • I also believe in the power of humor as a way to connect with each other and let our guards down to support the work that we are doing.

More About Me

  • I enjoy trying different restaurants and food whenever I can or even watching shows about cooking.
  • I love traveling and getting the opportunity to immerse myself in different cultures.