Emotional Health Workshops

At Wildflower Center for Emotional Health, we believe that everyone should have access to effective, research-driven methods to enhance their emotional wellbeing. In our world of endless multitasking, high expectations and pressures, no one is immune to stress, anxiety, worry or other struggles. To thrive, we need to prioritize our emotional and relational needs.  

Benefits of doing so include:

  • Preventing more serious challenges that can ensue when we chronically feel out of balance
  • Living more in the present moment
  • Feeling more connected with others as a result of being more connected to ourselves
  • Learning and modeling healthy ways of coping to our children, partners, friends and colleagues to foster a culture of sustainable emotional wellness  

Workshops are:

  • Offered to women, men, and couples in individual/couples or group format (depending on availability)
  • 60 minutes in length and vary from one to multiple sessions depending on identified needs and preferences
  • Educational and hands-on, meaning you will leave the workshop with new knowledge and written materials to help you implement new practices
  • Facilitated by an experienced and licensed mental health professional
  • Tailored to fit your individual needs

We offer Emotional Health Workshops to bridge the gap between self-help approaches and psychotherapy. We will teach you applicable skills to help you more effectively deal with a variety of stressors and circumstances without the commitment and time required by traditional psychotherapy.

Workshop topics include:  

  • Mindful parenting
  • Strengthening your romantic relationship during the transition to parenthood
  • Navigating emotions in the postpartum period
  • Dealing with infertility as a couple
  • Promoting emotional intelligence in babies and young children

We offer a 20-minute initial phone consultation to determine the best workshop option for your needs.  Each workshop participant will receive a book and other written materials on the workshop topic.

To inquire about or enroll in any of our workshops, please call 312.809.0298.