Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a unique, life-affirming kind of partnership. While there is a vast array of approaches to psychotherapy, they all share the goal of creating lasting emotional, behavioral, and relational change. Some clients come to us because of stressful life circumstances or because how they are feeling has become a source of suffering.  Others seek psychotherapy to reach greater levels of emotional health and self-awareness or because they wish to grow as a parent, professional, partner, etc.  Whatever your reason for contacting Wildflower, we will collaborate with you in creating an individualized plan to help you thrive and harness your potential.  We believe that effective psychotherapy is grounded in a strong and empathic therapeutic relationship and involves the ongoing integration of clinical expertise and knowledge with your unique needs and experiences.

Individual psychotherapy sessions at Wildflower typically last 55 minutes.  The frequency of sessions will depend on your individual needs, treatment goals and progress.  This will be determined in collaboration with your therapist.