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Wildflower Talks: Life After Pregnancy Loss

  • Wildflower Center for Emotional Health 820 North Orleans Street, Suite 206 Chicago, IL, 60610 United States (map)

Wildflower Talks

Exploring issues that matter

At Wildflower, we believe that people thrive when they belong to communities that accept them and honor their experiences. Unfortunately, when dealing with unexpected life events and challenges people often feel misunderstood and silenced. Wildflower Talks are about bringing people together for the purpose of casual, intimate exploration of tough topics that matter. Come join us for 75 minutes of discussion in a supportive, laidback environment. You are welcome to say as much or as little as you want. Most importantly, we want you to simply be yourself. 

Wildflower Talks: Life After Pregnancy Loss


Pregnancy loss is devastating for most women. In the aftermath, women often struggle to make sense of what has occurred. The feelings that show up may be surprising and bewildering, and living through them is made harder by the fact that our cultural narratives around pregnancy loss are woefully inadequate and even damaging. Well-meaning friends may say, “at least you know you can get pregnant” and families may instruct women to move forward by quickly having another child. None of this helps. We’ll explore the cultural discourse on pregnancy loss and discuss the psychological realities that are not captured by it. We’ll also reflect on how women’s lives after pregnancy loss change in the short- and long-term, what it means to move on, whether a woman ever does, and what helps women cope with the pain of loss.

820 N. Orleans St
Suite 206
Chicago, IL 60610

Date & Time:
May 16, 2018
6:00pm - 7:15pm


How to register:
Please contact Megan Wales, LCPC at 312 809 0298 or to register or ask questions. Payment is due upon registration. If you must cancel, kindly give us at least a 48-hour notice and note that refunds will not be offered. This particular Wildflower Talk is open to women only. 

Refreshments and pastries will be served.