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Motherhood in the Mirror: Connecting to, understanding and appreciating your body after baby

  • Wildflower Center for Emotional Health 820 North Orleans Street Chicago, IL, 60610 United States (map)

A workshop for mothers to discuss, learn about, and elevate their post-partum body image

Presented by Sara Rashid, LCPC 

The physical changes of pregnancy and the post-partum period can be mystifying, exciting, surprising and disturbing – often simultaneously. Post-partum women face a multitude of changes in their lives, but one constant remains: we are embodied. This workshop will shift some focus off of your baby and place it on yourself, namely your physical self. 

In it, you will:

  • Acknowledge and reflect on your current body image: Is it positive? Negative? In flux?
  • Recognize the influences and roots of your body image
  • Discuss and dispel common body image myths, e.g. "Once I'm thin I'll be happy", "I should fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes by a set time (or ever!)"
  • Celebrate your body's accomplishments and virtues
  • Establish a healthy, positive, appreciative sense of connection to your body

Join us for an afternoon of education,  enlightenment and enjoyment. We hope to see you there!

Cost $50 (due upon registration) 
       Phone     Call Aga Grabowski at 312.809.0298 ext. 2

Please acquaint yourself with our registration policies prior to signing up