We need to stop hating our bodies: Screening of documentary 'EMBRACE'

  • AMC 600 North Michigan 9 600 North Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL, 60611 United States


We are at war with our bodies. It is time to declare peace.

A staggering 91% of women dislike their bodies. We are pressured by a narrowly constructed concept of beauty that is seen as a prerequisite to happiness, success and self-worth. As we chase the unattainable, our mental wellbeing, relationships, and physical and sexual health are sacrificed.

To raise awareness and create a positive dialogue around this issue, we are hosting a screening of EMBRACE, a documentary that addresses the global epidemic of body shaming and body hating. 

In order for the film to be shown in a major movie theater in Chicago, 100 people must buy tickets.

Please reserve your tickets at http://gathr.us/screening/17538. You will only be charged for the ticket if the minimum requirement of participants is met for the screening.

We hope you will attend!

Visit the Body Image Movement website: www.bodyimagemovement.com.au

The film’s trailer can be viewed here