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Erin Wheeler, MA, LCSW



Erin Wheeler is a licensed clinical social worker and therapist at Wildflower Center for Emotional Health.  She earned her Bachelor's degree in Global Studies from Earlham College and her Master's degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration.  She completed her practicum at Perspectives Employee Assistance Program where she gained experience working with a wide range of work/life concerns through brief, solution-focused counseling.

After attaining her Masters degree, Erin counseled individuals, groups and couples in both private practice and Employee Assistance Program settings.  She has assisted clients with a diversity of concerns including, anxiety, depression, marital stress, parenting concerns, dating issues, grief and loss, dual diagnoses and impulse control difficulties.  Erin has a particular passion for working with individuals and families impacted by addiction.  As a Certified Problem Gambling Counselor, she utilizes sound evidence-based approaches to treat addiction, while also bringing the flexibility needed to meet clients where they are at in their readiness to change.  

Erin approaches therapy from a collaborative stance, helping individuals, couples and families improve their lives by carrying out their unique values and goals.  She feels that building a safe and trusting environment is paramount in helping clients explore life's challenges and move towards positive change.  At the same time she believes that it is her responsibility to share clinical tools and techniques based on what has been proven in the field.  Keeping up with the newest evidenced-based treatments comes easily for her, since she finds vitality and inspiration in learning new ideas.  Prior to joining Wildflower she acquired specialized training in Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples, Mindfulness and Harm Reduction Recovery Models. 

Since joining Wildflower, Erin has received specialized clinical training and gained experience in addressing unique relational and mental health concerns related to pregnancy and postpartum as well as infertility. 


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