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Erika Rosen, MA, LCPC, CDVP



Erika Rosen is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and therapist at Wildflower Center for Emotional Health. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from The Ohio State University and her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a Counseling specialization from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She completed her practicum at Between Friends where she gained experience working with survivors of trauma and intimate partner violence and their children. 

Following completion of her Master’s degree, Erika counseled individuals, children, and families at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and in a private practice setting. She assisted clients with a wide variety of challenges including anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, interpersonal issues, women’s health, relational trauma, sexual assault, and intimate partner violence. Erika has a particular passion for working with survivors of trauma and their children. As a Certified Domestic Violence Professional, she utilizes evidence-based practices to aid survivors of trauma in finding a path towards physical and emotional safety. 

Erika approaches psychotherapy from the perspective that strong collaborative framework between client and clinician is key to success and overall positive change. This includes creating a safe space allowing the client to engage in the process in a meaningful way while they clarify their unique set of values and work towards their treatment goals. Erika views the client holistically, focusing on the impact and connection between the mind and body. When appropriate, she calls on a feminist perspective in different aspects of the counseling relationship to aid the client in feeling empowered to create change in his or her life. 



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