Couples Counseling

Couples decide to engage in couples counseling for a variety of reasons. Some couples look for resolution to longstanding conflict patterns that may have taken a significant toll on each partner and relationship as a whole. Other couples find that while they have not been fighting, their relationship has begun to feel less alive and vital so they seek counseling to reignite the emotional and physical connection. Many couples experience major transitions and events, such as becoming a parent, having children leave the house, illness, etc. as triggers for problems in the relationship. Sexual dissatisfaction is another common theme that brings couples to counseling at Wildflower. For some couples, counseling is an attempt to discern if their relationship has a future. 

Whatever your reason for seeking couples counseling, we look forward to assisting you. We are trained in several couples counseling modalities and integrate approaches to find the best fit for every couple we work with. Couples counseling sessions typically last 60 minutes and their frequency depends on identified goals and needs.